Early Childhood

Lower School Principal’s Welcome

What an exciting experience to learn and grow in a Christian environment at Lee-Scott Academy! At LSA, our goal is to help every child reach his or her full potential in every possible setting, while incorporating biblical, Christ-centered principles. We are dedicated to children’s growth in academics, character development, social interactions, while emphasizing Christian values that are modeled by our faculty and staff. We truly consider it a privilege to prepare students for college, life and eternity. We strive to differentiate instruction for each child with a rigorous curriculum, a variety of instructional settings and countless opportunities to build on strengths and improve weaknesses.  

As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher and we welcome you as partners.  There will be many opportunities for you to be involved in the school setting.  We look forward to finding ways for you to be a part in your child’s education and our school’s collective success.

We strive daily to incorporate our school’s mission statement and provide the following:

  • immersing our students in biblical principles through daily devotions, Bible classes, chapel and themes to enhance their understanding of the Bible and application of these principles
  • encouraging opportunities for students to interact and learn social skills, while modeling character
  • offering an atmosphere where students can learn and teachers can teach without interference
  • offering teacher-sponsored, after school clubs at varying ages to help children find their interest and talents 
  • providing our faculty with quality professional development that enhances our rigorous curriculum, provides best practices instructionally and uses data for prescriptive and diagnostic teaching/learning 
  • communicating with parents regularly in a variety of ways
  • participating in enrichment classes: Spanish, STEM, technology, art and music
  • working within a flexible media schedule to best meet the needs of students and integrate media, practice executive function and research skills, while encouraging a love for reading
  • provide daily PE, recess and athletic opportunities to encourage health, fitness, play and a being part of a team that promotes good sportsmanship
  • showing the joy of performing arts by integrating plays, song/dance during the year

Dr. Mary Anna Martin-Smith

Lower School Principal

Early Childhood - Pre-K and Kindergarten

We are proud to offer our early childhood students with an atmosphere that encourages their overall development, while focusing on the foundations for school success. At Lee-Scott Academy, our goals are carefully geared to meet the developmental stages of each child while promoting biblical principles.

Pre-K Program

The Pre-Kindergarten program uses familiar teaching vehicles to introduce language skills and number awareness. The thematic approach focuses on our belief that four-year-olds thrive in an atmosphere that stresses “fun with a purpose” while promoting the pure joy of learning and curiosity of the world around them.  

Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten program provides experiences designed to promote academic growth, enhance thinking skills, build self-confidence, and encourage independence. Attention is given to the development of each student’s needs, modeling positive interactions with peers and learning to exhibit proper conduct in varying situations while incorporating biblical references. Daily devotions, songs to remember character traits and thematic learning create connections that are encouraged during the day in application.

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