Annual SGA Canned Food Drive

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October 29th–November 8th

Each year the Lee-Scott SGA participates in the East Alabama Food Bank’s largest drive of the year – the Auburn-Alabama Food Fight! It is even more important that everyone contributes because of the shortage of food the EAFB is currently having due to the high demand in our area and the upcoming holidays. Last year, Lee-Scott Academy families donated 1,726 pounds of food to Food Bank network! We invite you to join us in helping our community.


This year’s Grade-level Sponsors:


7th Grade (Mrs. Conway) vs   8th Grade (Mrs. Whorton)

9th Grade (Mrs. Kennessey) vs 10th Grade (Mrs. Pate)

11th Grade (Mrs. Garner) vs 12th Grade (Mr. Darden)


7th-10th grades will be competing for a dessert prize from SGA

11th grade will be competing for one day of off-campus lunch and 12th grade will be competing for an additional day of off-campus lunch.


According to the AISA SGA CAN-A-THON rules, the winning classes will be determined “based on the percentage of the total number of cans divided by the total number of students”. ONLY students who have participated by contributing the minimum number of cans will be eligible to receive the prize!


Minimum donation to be eligible for winning class privileges: 5 cans per student

Cans < 10 oz = ½ can

Cans 10 – 20 oz = 1 can

Cans >20 oz – 3 lbs = 2 cans

Cans > 3 lbs = 4 cans

2 pkg Ramen noodles/Mac & Cheese = 1 can


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