Spiritual Life

Our Goal

Central to the success of Lee-Scott Academy and its mission are the Christian principles and biblical world view upon which the academy was founded. On this foundation, the Board of Trustees, administration, and faculty strive to implement a total educational process that reflects the mission and glorifies God.

This becomes evident when you tour the school and notice the large cross in the middle of campus. The cross was placed there so that as our students and staff move from activity to activity they are constantly reminded to walk with Christ and keep Him at the center of all they do.

At Lee-Scott, our Pre-K classes have a weekly chapel service with guest speakers. Our kindergarten through sixth grade classes have a daily devotion time, and additionally, our fourth through sixth grade classes have a Bible curriculum they explore. Our upper school students have a devotion read each morning over the intercom encouraging them to keep Christ and his teachings in mind throughout their day.

All our students also participate in a Spiritual Emphasis Week each year. During this week there are special assemblies with guest speakers and praise music. The children take part in cross-curricular Bible-related lessons in enrichment classes, and the upper school and lower school students get together for special Bible lessons or prayer time. Parents visit our school and pray for our students and faculty in every area of our campus. Students write and share prayers, watch special Bible story videos, participate in service projects helping the local community and much more.

Lee-Scott stands behind its mission of offering not only a quality education in an environment where students are protected and nurtured, but also one where students are challenged with Christian principles that promote the development of the total person.