Lee-Scott Academy is a college preparatory school offering a quality education in an environment where students are protected, nurtured, and challenged with Biblical, Christ centered principles that promote the development of the total person. The pursuit of excellence in academics is the hallmark of the Academy, complemented by opportunities to participate in programs that encourage student success.


Lee-Scott Academy is a college preparatory school committed to excellence in our total educational program.

The founders of our school held that hard work, pursuit of knowledge, integrity, sacrifice, citizenship, and prayer are qualities that define America’s heritage and essential to the well-rounded development of students. These qualities are fundamental to our school’s philosophy of education.


Our academic program, designed to equip our students for success in college and in life, emphasizes English, mathematics, history, geography, science, foreign languages, technology, fine arts, and study skills. In addition to a challenging and balanced academic curriculum, we value the benefits of athletic programs and extracurricular activities that promote the student’s sense of character, responsibility, fair play, teamwork, and commitment.


We know that children of all ages study, learn, interact, and participate best in a safe environment. Providing a safe and secure environment and faculty, staff, and coaches who are positive role models for our students continue as top priorities. We also believe that schools and parents must work together. We encourage and welcome parental involvement. In return, we expect our students to learn respect for authority, to be accountable for their actions, and to exhibit self-discipline.


We believe the Mission Statement and our philosophy are vital to the life and direction of Lee-Scott Academy, but words alone do not ensure success. We expect to be measured by our actions and by the lives of our graduates in their service to God, their families, and their communities.

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