Congratulations to the following Lee-Scott Academy students for placing in the LSA Art Show held on Tuesday, February 20, in Samford Gymnasium. These artists and their pieces now advance to the AISA District Art Show on March 1.

2019 LSA Art Show Winners

Kindergarten – 1st Grade

Water Base

1st         Ellis Herring

2nd        Eliana Kim

3rd        Brealey Henderson

HM     Thomas Young



1st         Simms Prewitt

2nd        Brooklyn Farris

3rd        Tory Parsons

HM     Luke Langford

HM     Shepherd Cumbie


Drawing – non color

1st         Anderson Dobbs

2nd        Thomas Young

3rd        Colten Zachary


Drawing- color

1st         Jackson Del Toro ***Best of Show

2nd        Luke Murchison

3rd        Whit Moore

HM     Bennett Matthews



1st         Maddie Tally

2nd        Mackenzie Davis

3rd        Harper Thrower

HM     Anderson Dobbs

HM     Hannah Young


Mixed Media

1st         Lizzy Smith

2nd        Tory Parsons

3rd        Hank Nolin

HM     Harrison Wood


2nd – 3rd Grade


Water Base

1st                         Bella Ware

2nd        Lucy Huff

3rd        Turner Lyles

HM     Olivia York



1st         Perry Harless*** Best of Show

2nd        Owen Carter

3rd        Adelaide Welsh

HM     Caity Ann Cregg

HM     Wesley Kate Crocker


Drawing – non color

1st         Jack Stewart

2nd        A.G. Henry

3rd        Ella Grace Garner


Drawing- color

1st         Ike Hewitt

2nd        Raleigh Durham

3rd        Katie Smith

HM     Bentley Cox

HM     Emmerson Wolfe



1st         Emmie Wood

2nd        Karson Brown

3rd        Sophie Sims

HM     Jack Stewart


Mixed Media

1st         Barrett Moore

2nd        Trisha Kim

3rd        Allyn Thames

HM     Jack Stewart


4th – 6th Grade



1st         Conner Ezell

2nd        Lilly Kate Thompson

3rd        Will Rhodes


Water Base

1st         Kiera Burke

2nd        Taylor Thornton

3rd        Audrey Edwards

HM     Ethan Foley



1st         Grant Blyth

2nd        Ethan Foley

3rd        Harper Dewitt

HM     Destiny Presley

HM     Kate Zouhary

HM     Jana Hilliard


Drawing – non color

1st         Keira Burke

2nd        Mary Brently Moore

3rd        Grayson Curtis

HM     Kaitlyn Drake


Drawing- color

1st         Laken Smith

2nd        Emmie Mills

3rd        Karlee Baker

HM     Lilly Kate Thompson

HM     Tabb Ryan

HM     Will Rhodes



1st         Delaney Faison

2nd        Avery Grantham

3rd        Brooklyn Forbes

HM     Jana Hilliard


Mixed Media

1st         Scarlett Wood*** Best of Show

2nd        Railey Langford

3rd        Perri Hovey

HM     Riley Fields

HM     Ansley Forbus



1st         KK Hargrave

2nd        KK Hargrave

3rd        KK Hargrave


7th – 9th Grade



1st         Lindsay Joiner

2nd        Lindsay Joiner

3rd        Aydan Townsend


Water Base

1st         Katherine Sanders

2nd        Ivy Grace Shaw

3rd        Blake DiBineddetto



1st         Lindsay Joiner *** Best Of Show

2nd        Katherine Sanders

3rd        Kalli Rose Kiker

HM     Will Dix

HM     Madison Perkett


Drawing – non color

1st         Ellie Keesee

2nd        Kalli Rose Kiker

3rd        Katherine Sanders

HM     Hannah White


Drawing- color

1st         Ethan Kim

2nd        Aydan Townsend

3rd        Lindsay Joiner

HM     Hannah White



1st         Mia Grace Roberts

2nd                        Margaret Lyle

3rd        Ellie Keesee

HM     Lindsay Joiner


Mixed Media

1st         Lindsay Joiner

2nd        Mia Grace Roberts

3rd        Hannah White

HM     Mia Grace Roberts



1st         Julie Oas

2nd        Maddie Spoor

3rd        Maddie Spoor

HM     Maddie Spoor


10th – 12th Grade



1st         Jessica Ethridge *Best of Show

2nd                        Angela Yoon

3rd        Ford Fuller

HM     Anna Leuenberger


Water Base

1st         Anna Leuenberger

2nd        Angela Yoon

3rd        Olivia Schaffner

HM     Mary Claire Futch



1st         Angela Yoon

2nd        Matthew Chappell

3rd        Carson Granberry


Drawing – non color

1st         Angela Yoon

2nd        Ford Fuller

3rd        Kate Spoor

HM     Mary Claire Futch



1st         Jessica Ethridge

2nd        Henry Sheilds

3rd        John Lyle

HM     Angela Yoon


Mixed Media

1st         Taylor Cochran



1st         Camille Kraus

2nd        Angela Yoon

3rd        Dylan Eaton

HM     Tucker Sprayberry

HM     Alex Self