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Auxiliary Arts

Lee-Scott Academy Dance Team

The Lee-Scott Academy Dance Teams are coached by Mrs. Alison Starr. Each team, junior varsity and varsity, serve as auxiliary units of the Lee-Scott Academy Marching Band and performs with the band at pep rallies, football games, and parades. Additionally, the groups will perform at various assemblies throughout the school year as well as some of the Warriors’ varsity basketball games.

Lee-Scott Academy Flag Line

The Lee-Scott Academy Flag Line serves as the visual ensemble of the Lee-Scott Academy Marching Band at Warrior football games. Using marching band style spinning, standard and oversize flags, swing flags, poms, and a variety of other props, the group is an auxiliary unit of the marching band and enhances the overall marching and pregame and halftime performances.

The group is sponsored by Mrs. Amanda Thrift.

Both the Lee-Scott Academy Dance Team and Flag Line groups are auxiliary units of the Band Booster Club.

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