Lee-Scott athletic programs are consistent with our mission to “…promote the development of the total person” by providing “…opportunities to participate in programs that encourage student success.” Our athletic staff is made up of committed individuals who have personal histories of success with young people. Our athletic director and coaches have a combined 200+ years of coaching experience with various schools (public and private) and athletes at the high school, collegiate and professional levels.

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A Word from the Director

Hear from our Athletic Director, Coach William Johnson, in a personal letter to all sports participants here at Lee-Scott. Guiding young men and women to their athletic potential is something every coach at Lee-Scott has been trained to do; their enthusiasm, however, comes from within!

Eligibility Starts with You

You can find forms forms for all sports here, as well as the Lee-Scott Athletics Handbook and current rules for sporting eligibility. At Lee-Scott we want everyone to have the opportunity to play the sports they enjoy or to explore the path to finding a new favorite sport!


Athletic Director Welcome

Hear from our Athletic Director, Coach William Johnson, in a personal letter to all Warrior fans.


Eligibility Starts with You

You can find athletic eligibility forms here, as well as the Lee-Scott Athletics Handbook.

Lee-Scott athletic teams compete in 11 different sports in the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA).  Each sport includes Junior High and Varsity level programs. Elementary school students can participate in pee-wee football, cheerleading, and basketball programs.  Our athletic programs strive to win but the lessons learned from fair play, dedication, and good sportsmanship make our athletes winners regardless of the final score. Through enduring sportsmanship and empassioned teamwork, Lee-Scott teams have won more than 50 state titles in the 11 sports we offer.

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Support Your LSA Family

The athletic department is gearing up for another great year for our teams, and we need your support of the program! Nearly 60% of students in grades 7 – 12 participate in LSA sports! It is only through the great generosity of our boosters, alumni, and other donors that we are able to maintain such wonderful sports programs for the students of Lee-Scott.


There are many ways that you can donate to LSA Athletics and all donations are both welcome and very appreciated. Give today to help a student tomorrow!