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Lee-Scott Academy Band Program

At Lee-Scott Academy, students as early as 6th grade can begin to play in band. Starting with Beginner Band, students learn from LSA Band Director Mr. Jeff Hudson and develop their skills all the way until graduation. We encourage the musical talents of all of our students and hope that with our selection of bands, every musical mind can find their fit at LSA!

Lee-Scott Academy Marching Band

Upper School students in the Band Program participate in the Lee-Scott Academy Marching Band during the first semester of each school year. The Lee-Scott Academy Marching Band attends all Warrior football games, home and away, and marches in various parades. Students attend “Band Camp” during the summer before school starts to prepare for the season. Rehearsal takes place after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the first semester.

Jazz Band

This course is intended to teach the fundamentals of jazz and popular music styles. Students learn techniques of ensemble playing, improvisation, and the basics of music theory. The group performs at many local functions, including Opelika’s popular “Summer Swing” concert series, and usually enters at least one competitive jazz festival. All members are selected by LSA Band Director Mr. Hudson.

Concert Band

This course is for those who have completed Beginner Band and are ready for more advanced musical training and performance.

This group performs at various concerts and also competes in festivals and competitions during the year. Students are held to high musical expectations and are expected to improve musically throughout the year. The Concert Band has consistently scored Superior Ratings at MPA and AISA contests as well as other national contests attended in the spring.

Band Booster Program

The Lee-Scott Academy Band Booster program actively supports all band and auxiliary (flag line and dance team) members throughout the year. A Lee-Scott Academy Band Booster is any parent or guardian of a student in the band or auxiliary programs. As soon as your child begins his or her band or auxiliary program, you become a booster! All parents are encouraged to be an active member and to volunteer for the benefit of our students. No organization can be successful without parental involvement.

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