Lower School Art

The arts are an essential part of developing critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and empathy. In the PK-5th grade art room, the focus is to create, appreciate, and enjoy art by exploring various artistic styles and historical periods of art. We begin art making with foundational skills based on developmental stages and move into creating more complex masterpieces inspired by famous artists and themes. We use various media including several types of paints, oil pastels, markers, colored pencils, collage papers, and clay. We celebrate the artistic pursuits of each student by displaying student artwork at the Grandparent’s Day program in December and at the LSA Art Show in the spring. We also display student artwork across various community events throughout the year. The end of the school year culminates with the creation of a student art portfolio.

Upper School Art

In the 6th – 12th grades,  students come to art everyday and are exposed to the arts through history and a large variety of techniques. The fundamentals, like drawing and painting, are covered as well as graphic design, photography, and sculpture. The kiln in the art room provides opportunities to create with clay and glass. In addition to the annual art show, the students’ paintings have also been on display at the Art Walk in conjunction with the Show Choir’s Dinner Theatre fundraiser.

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