Lee-Scott Academy’s fine arts program is consistent with our mission of developing the total person. Research over the past several decades supports the significance of fine arts education curriculum in encouraging the development of higher order thinking skills such as creativity, problem-solving, effective communication, self-discipline and critical thinking.


Lee-Scott Academy offers band programs for a number of different tastes – marching band, jazz band, and concert band. If you want to learn to play¬† a musical instrument or to be part of an orchestrated group, one of LSA’s bands are for you!


Chorus gives students the opportunity to find their voice! The Lee-Scott Academy chorus is divided into the Junior High chorus of 7th and 8th graders and the High School chorus of 9th thru 12th graders. Discover your song today!

Visual Arts

With the Lee-Scott Academy visual arts program, we offer students the opportunity to express themselves! Painting, drawing, graphic design, sculpture – LSA offers it all! Take the chance to find your creative outlet with the Visual Arts.

Performing Arts

The Lee-Scott Academy visual arts program offers students grades 2-12 the opportunity to take part in a production bigger than themselves and indoctrinates them in the LSA performing arts family!

A Word from the Director

Hear from our Athletic Director, Coach William Johnson, in a personal letter to all sports participants here at Lee-Scott. Guiding young men and women to their athletic potential is something every coach at Lee-Scott has been trained to do; their enthusiasm, however, comes from within!

Eligibility Starts with You

You can find forms forms for all sports here, as well as the Lee-Scott Athletics Handbook and current rules for sporting eligibility. At Lee-Scott we want everyone to have the opportunity to play the sports they enjoy or to explore the path to finding a new favorite sport!

Our fine arts programs attract large numbers of secondary student participants because they are of high quality, and just plain fun. Secondary fine arts offerings include art, drama, chorus and band. Our students at all levels consistently bring back superior ratings and blue ribbons from district and state AISA and other regional competitions.

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Support Your LSA Family

The wonderful arts programs at Lee-Scott Academy is made possible in part not only by the amazing talents of the students who participate in them, but also the generous donations from Lee-Scott friends and family who support them. We are able to maintain such wonderful programs in the arts for the students of Lee-Scott because of this support.


All donations to Lee-Scott Academy are tax-deductible and will directly benefit our students in the arts. Give today to help a student tomorrow!