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Message from Head of School

Message from the Head of School

Whether you visit our site often or are discovering us for the first time, I welcome you.

As you peruse our site, it will quickly become apparent that our teachers, staff and students perform at exceptionally high levels academically, artistically and athletically. The fact that our students accomplish these things, and develop their faith through intentional programs and extensive service to our community in a way that is humbling to all who witness it, makes our school a unique place.

Our school is ever-evolving, offering more creative, collaborative and experiential learning experiences for our students. These efforts are supported by part of our school’s mission, “The pursuit of excellence in academics is the hallmark of Lee-Scott Academy, complemented by opportunities to participate in programs that encourage student success.” While “the pursuit” can’t be measured, it is at the heart of a Lee-Scott education. It is a commitment to the important things in life. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is a result of a process that our students experience every day. It is what we have felt from the first day we set foot on campus and carry with us always. In effect, “the pursuit” articulates the Lee-Scott experience and differentiates our school from every other.

If you catch a glimpse of “the pursuit” here on our website, imagine how much more present that statement will be when you visit our campus. I invite you to come discover everything that is Lee-Scott Academy and see for yourself our “pursuit of excellence.”

Yours truly,

Dr. Stan Cox
Lee-Scott Academy Head of School

Head of School

Dr. Stan Cox

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